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                        Rotary Weld Repair


  The ARNA Machine Company in 2007 acquired Northeast Metallizing to further aid us in customer demand. We have the capability to add material to cylinders and bores that were worn from severe and everyday use. Industries include : Paper mill, Printing, Aerosol, and Marine. We also take care of the need of any industry where bearing journals are in need of repair. Some big rolls that would cost thousands of dollars to replace, we can repair for a fraction of the cost. We can spray Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass as well as steel. We also spray Ceramic & Plasma. Rotary weld repairing is specialty of ours. We can build up 1/4 of an inch on a side and recondition a journal. When rotary welding, we can add layers of material without distorting the part.


                                                   Binks Unit Spray Booth in Noise Room


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